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Beni Jean


My name is Beni and until recently I worked as a videographer, photographer and graphic designer in Switzerland - and still love do that sometimes.

In 2022 I started to devote myself more intensively to street photography and people in their everyday moments.

my journey

Currently, i am on an open end journey around the world. Besides enjoying all the beautiful places, I would like to capture emotions, beautiful moments and connect myself with different kind of people. 


As mentioned on the 'home' page, I like to combine the different necessities of street photography. But in addition to the artistic aspect and the role of observing society from a distance - direct connection to people also means a lot to me. So many stories and opinions that are important and should be told. Sometimes a photo is enough to tell the them - sometimes words are needed.

I really enjoy both and am looking forward to lots of beautiful pictures and stories. And maybe from time to time, there's a chance to give a voice to the voiceless.

some thoughts

We're getting further and further apart. Are politically and humanly separated, subdivided and rushed to each other. Don't really notice each other anymore, don't look at each other anymore and don't care about each other anymore. I want to show that it is important and beautiful to see and accept people as they are in their everyday life.


I am convinced that in order to create peace and equality, it is essential to create respect and understanding and to approach each other with empathy. First and foremost, I want to create this deep understanding for myself - if I can reach other people with it, I'll be very happy.


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