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So many places. So many people. So many stories. On my journey I want to immerse myself in the diversity of being human. Our very personal stories, strokes of fate and experiences make us all unique, but also make us feel that we are all one. At the same time I would like to show that our first impression of a person is not always the right one - and if it is, the reasons for this can often create understanding for this. In addition, I would like to form my own opinion about cultures, races or religions in order to show even more understanding and empathy in certain moments in the future, in which I may have consciously or unconsciously judged too quickly in the past. Aside from portraits, I also want to document different kind of special meetings - a project with the name 'somewhere between'. Meaningful events with emotions, stories or special backgrounds, i want to immerse myself and be guided and moved by these moments

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